Therapies Offered


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that taps into your natural resources. Clients are gently guided into a state of trance which is comfortable for them. They may feel very relaxed physically and mentally. This state of mental awareness enables access to your subconscious mind. This is the part of your brain that has no opinions, views or perceptions of true/false. You are more open to suggestion and this is where the hypnotherapy comes in. By carefully restructuring or redefining deep rooted emotions and beliefs it is possible to facilitate change on a conscious level. For example, many people can find their lives governed by limiting beliefs – ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I’ll never be able to….,’ ‘If only I was…,’ –  or plagued by excessive worry that can lead to anxiety, stress and depression. By accessing these limiting beliefs and thought processes at a subconscious level it is possible to suggest alternative, more beneficial and positive thought processes which can in turn change conscious level thinking. With an issue like trauma, hypnotherapy can reduce or remove the emotional charge that surrounds the traumatic experience which can lessen the physical responses trauma sufferers often endure.

Hypnotherapy is an alternative non-invasive and non-drug method for physical and emotional healing. It is appropriate for a wide range of presenting issues from anxiety, stress, addictions to pain, weight management and skill enhancement. During a session, the client will discuss what they wish to work on and the desired outcome. When their own personal level of trance is reached, the goals and needs of the client can be addressed using suggestion or guided imagery. Clients are in control, able to communicate if they wish and are aware of their surroundings. The job of the hypnotherapists is to facilitate the clients own healing process.  
Hypnotherapy is appropriate for a variety of presenting issues and can work in conjunction with clients existing medical or psychological treatments. It is a serious alternative as a non-invasive and non-drug method for physical and emotional healing. Therapeutic work can occur at any level of trance and relaxation is not required for hypnotherapy to be effective. Back to top

Human Givens Approach

Developed from the work and research of psychologist, Joe Griffin, the Human Givens approach integrates the most effective treatments from current psychology and psychotherapy with the latest findings in brain science and human behaviour. This therapeutic approach is proving to be very effective in the prevention and treatment of mental health.

The Human Givens approach works on the premise that we see the world around us through models of the world we hold inside us. In other words, our brain works by pattern-matching and metaphor. We are all born with physical and emotional needs that have to be met in order to grow and thrive. When these emotional needs are not met – whether due to conditioning, toxic environment, trauma, stress, or grief – it can lead to anxiety, depression and even psychosis as our minds become locked in a negative trance state. By using psychotherapy and guided imagery/hypnotherapy, it is possible to reverse the effects of this negative emotional state and re-balance the minds state of health.  The Human Givens approach is particularly suited to addressing issues of stress, anxiety and depression. When basic human needs are not being met, this can trigger negative emotional thoughts that in turn can present as worry, anxiety and possibly depression. Understanding which of these human needs are not being met for a client is key to this therapy process. Please visit for more information. Back to top


EFT/Tapping uses the bodies energy or meridian channels as defined by the eastern art of acupuncture to facilitate healing. Instead of using needles, the client gently taps with their fingers on specific acupressure points around the face and upper body whilst processing and focusing on a specific feeling or emotion. This is a wonderful technique for clients who find it too difficult or do not wish to go into the details of their issue. It is particularly useful for trauma/PTSD sufferers where reliving their experience can increase distress unnecessarily.

EFT works specifically on the negative emotions that are attached to a memory or experience. Reducing or removing the negative emotional associations surrounding an issue allows healing to occur.This healing technique is appropriate to use with any presenting issue including stress, panic attacks, pain, weight loss and addictions. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Tapping  is an extremely effective method for reducing the negative emotion that often surrounds traumatic experiences, self-limiting belief systems and pain. Removing or reducing the emotion that is associated with an issue opens the way for healing to take place.This is a versatile method that can be used discreetly anywhere and is particularly beneficial to clients who do not wish to go into the specifics of their presenting issue. 
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